Just A Thought – May 19, 2020
May 19, 2020
Just A Thought – May 20, 2020
May 20, 2020

Living In Your Identity


We’ve had to answer the question if we know our identity as children of God. Do you? Why is identity so important? It says who you are. You are YOU. No one else can be YOU. Identity is important because even though you are an individual, you’re part of a family group; and your identity gives you a sense of belonging. God gave you His identity when you received His son because He sees you as His Beloved Child. You’re part of God’s family! In this identity you have a sense of being loved and cared for. No matter what type of background you’ve had, YOU are important! You are important to God, and He doesn’t forget you or walk away from you because He lives IN you.

I recently read an account of a young, homeless girl who gained a new identity. She was just sixteen and had no family or permanent home. She didn’t know who her mother was, or her father. She grew up in the system but left at 16, homeless. She went to a Woman’s Shelter in a nearby town, gave her name as Precious Baby Girl, and hoped to get a bed for the night or maybe longer. The Shelter didn’t allow any “street names” for their guests; girls/women were called by their given name. An hour had past, and a few had been ushered into the interview room but the young homeless girl continued waiting. When the director called the young girl into her office, she explained only real names would be used and asked her what her real name was. She told the Director she had been abandoned, given up at birth, and the doctors and nurses at the hospital named her Precious Baby Girl. She never had another name. That was the only name she’d ever known.

The Director was moved with compassion and love, not only providing a bed and room for her, but also helping Precious Baby Girl find a new identity and a new name, merged together from the names of kind people she’d met over the years (we can’t share her new name). Now she was someone special, not a castaway, no longer known as Precious Baby Girl. The Director also taught her another identity that further changed her life—being a child of God.

Yes, former Precious Baby Girl did go on to college and graduate, securing a well-paying job, and continues to live in her new identity as a precious child of God.
I trust you’re growing stronger and living in your identity in Him each day.

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