Just A Thought June 29, 2020
June 29, 2020
Just A Thought June 30, 2020
June 30, 2020

Your Check Off List



I’ve always had my ‘to do’ list handy on the kitchen counter. That way, as I completed a task, I could cross through it. There are times, though, because of my schedule changing or something else, I’ve had to ‘postpone’ some things and put them off to the next day, but eventually I did get to cross them off my to do list.

I was reading a good post on a website recently that said Jesus didn’t ‘half—finish’ what He came to do. When he breathed His last, He said: “It is FINISHED’. He left nothing undone. There wasn’t something that was yet to be completed. His death and resurrection finished our salvation and so much more.

Next time you make a list of things to do, and as you check them off, remember what Jesus FINISHED for you. You’re no longer under the law or penalty of the law to try to be good enough or do enough for God’s blessings. He did what you and I couldn’t do on our own, and He did it in love for each of us.

His work was finished, so let it be finished IN you. Let His provisions come to the forefront in your thinking and believing. Walk in His Finished Work for you because it’s already been completed; it’s done.

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