Just A Thought September 1, 2020
September 1, 2020
Just A Thought September 2, 2020
September 2, 2020
Just A Thought September 1, 2020
September 1, 2020
Just A Thought September 2, 2020
September 2, 2020

A Hint of Fall

Since we moved to Georgia many years ago we always look forward to September when the trees change colors and we get to enjoy the beauty of the gold, yellow, brown, red and other speckled leaves. All too soon they’ll be released and fall to the ground. Then comes the wonderful chore of raking up the leaves or blowing the off your yard.

However you spend your September, enjoy it’s beauty that reflects God’s colorful pallet in creation.

Let’s continue with Part 2 of Grammy Horder’s Hotel.

 Recall last month as Melissa was ready to enjoy at meal at Grammy Horders, she was apprehensive after listening to Grammy pray before the meal. In fact, she wondered if her husband, Jonathan had said something to Grammy Horder about her dilemma.

Melissa’s thoughts were interrupted as platters of food were passed and Grammy’s family got acquainted with them. While the men talked money and farm-related issues, Melissa ate as she observed Grammy Horder.

She reminds me of my grandmother. Maybe she can help me sort things out.

“The food was great as usual, Grammy,” Hank said, pushing his plate forward. “Gotta get back to work now.”

“Jonathan,” Ryan offered, heading to the back door, “come on down and see how we raise chickens in these here parts.”

As the men left, Grammy Horder began clearing the table.

“I’d be much obliged to help you cleanup,” Melissa offered as she picked up the meat platter. “Jonathan’s gone with the other men to see a real chicken farm in action.”

Grammy laughed as she and Melissa carried food platters to the kitchen. “Oh, he’ll enjoy that. Is he thinking about starting a chicken farm?”

“Oh, my goodness!” Melissa gasped, then laughing, added, “I hope not! I wouldn’t know what to do with chickens!”

Grammy Horder laughed with her. “Well, when Jonathan gets back, he can tell you all about it! Them chickens aren’t the hardest things to handle on a farm, but they’s sure messy critters! Land sakes!”

Melissa smiled. “Helping you clean up reminds me of the times I spent at my Grandmother’s when I was little. She let me sit on the counter and dry small plates after meals.”

Grammy smiled as they began washing and drying the plates. “It’s not often I have someone to help me after the meals,” she told her. “Your grandmother taught you well.”

Melissa smiled, but her mind went back eight years and replayed the same scene that always haunted her thoughts. She heard the same words again: If I just hadn’t been in such a hurry…if I had just let Abbey have her toy before I put her in the highchair…if I’d… Sometimes the guilt was more than Melissa could bear.

“Something troubling you, child?” Grammy asked noticing the tears in Melissa’s eyes.

Melissa lowered her head, quickly trying to wipe away the tears. “Jonathan and I are on our way to adopt a baby, but I’m not sure I can,” she said. “I wouldn’t make a good mother.”

Grammy smiled and handed Melissa a towel to dry her eyes just as the dogs started a commotion in the backyard.

Peering out the window, Grammy Horder told her, “Oh, that’s my neighbor, Ginny, and her four-year old daughter, Adrianna.” She grabbed a towel to dry her hands.

“Grammy! Grammy!” a child’s voice called as the back door swung open.

“Who’s that at my back door?” Grammy Horder said winking at Melissa.

Adrianna ran inside and jumped into Grammy Horder’s outstretched arms, laughing the whole time. “Grammy! Look!” Adrianna exclaimed as she held up yellow daisies. “I picked these for you!”

“Oh, my, they’re beautiful!” she said as she took them and hugged Adrianna again. “Thank you! They’ll look right pretty here on my windowsill, don’t you think?”

Adrianna nodded, smiling proudly as she watched Grammy put the flowers in a cup on the windowsill.

Grammy Horder made the introductions while Adrianna danced around her feet.

“Well, Grammy,” Ginny said, grabbing Adrianna’s hand. “We just wanted to come by and say ‘Hey.’ I’ve to get off my feet now.”

Adrianna hugged Grammy, and then whispered in her ear “I love you.”

“I love you, too!” Grammy responded giving her a hug.

“We’ll see you next week, Grammy,” Ginny said as she hugged her. “Nice to meet you, Melissa.”

Grammy and Melissa watched as Ginny and Adrianna crossed the back yard.

“Ginny was scared when she was pregnant with Adrianna. She didn’t have a mother growing up and didn’t think she could be a good mother. But the Almighty helped her become a good mother, and now she and her husband are ready for another one!”

Melissa’s eyes watered again. Her heart pounded faster.

Noticing her anxiety, Grammy asked, “What are you afraid of, Melissa?”

Trying to keep her composure but losing ground, Melissa blurted out, “I wouldn’t be a good mother!”

Grammy hugged her. “Sometimes the things you fear most become your greatest joys.”

“But…but….” Melissa tried to get the words out. She had kept them buried for so many years, she wasn’t sure she could verbalize them. Finally in a flood of words, she shared her heart.

“It was my fault…all my fault. I should have been more responsible. I shouldn’t have let that happen! I don’t deserve to be a mother! And I can’t tell Jonathan.” There. She had said it.

“Oh, my dear Melissa,” Grammy said as she held her hand. “No matter what happened, the Almighty doesn’t look at it that way.”

Sudden screams from outside interrupted them. Quickly hurrying to the front porch, they saw Ginny running toward them, frantically waving her arms.

The Conclusion Follows Next Month…