Just A Thought December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020
Guaranteed For Life
December 2, 2020
Just A Thought December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020
Guaranteed For Life
December 2, 2020

December’s Angels

Whenever you’ve decorated your Christmas Tree, you may have added the crowing touch with an angel on top or a star. We always had a star on our Christmas tree when I grew up, and I recall as our children grew up, we either added a star or later on an angel to the top of the tree. The angels were the ones to tell Shepherd in the field about the birth of a king, and I believe surrounded the location of His birth.

For those who know God’s love, His angels are assigned to each of us. What comfort we have in knowing no matter what we encounter, He’s got us covered with His angels. I can count several accounts in my personal life when I know angels protected me from danger. So this month, rejoice in God’s love and protection for you.

Enjoy our story of The Christmas Angels, but more importantly, rejoice in God’s gift to you in His Son, Jesus. Merry Christmas!



© By Charlene Elder

This story is from an angels’ perspective of the birth of Jesus Christ referenced in Luke 2:1-20.

“Shina! Shina! Come quick!” Jeniper could hardly contain herself as she jumped up and down!

Shina flew to her side. “What is it, Jeniper?”

“We have to hurry! We’re supposed to join the others. It’s REAL important, but I don’t know what’s going on!”

“I hadn’t heard anything. What are we doing?”

Jeniper plopped her hands on her little hips. “What we usually do when the King calls us.”

“Oh, I know,” Shina replied. “But I wonder what’s going on?”

“I don’t know, but if we don’t get over there, we won’t ever know!”

The two hurried to meet the other angels already gathered in the Great Hall awaiting directions. Suddenly a silent “hush” filled the room as each angel bowed their head when the King entered. “Holy! Holy!” they spoke bowing in reverence.

As the King took His place, He smiled as He told them. “Today is a wonderful day. Today is when My plans from eternity take form on Earth. You have been especially chosen for this task. Never before have I asked you to do anything like this, but today is very special, and I want the world to know!”

Jeniper and Shina’s eyes were wide with wonder. They could hardly wait to know what the King would say. Then He opened the portal, allowing all of them to see a tiny place called “earth”. They all gathered around to peer through the opening.

“Today,” He told them, “when you hear the trumpets, you will go to earth to give the news that they need to hear. You will share it with shepherds, with wise men and kings. You will be the first to spread the news of my love, grace, and salvation for man in human form!

Shina leaned over to Jeniper. “I don’t understand what’s going on or why? Don’t those humans on earth know how wonderful the King is? Don’t they love Him as we do?”

Jeniper shook her head. “From what I hear, they don’t; and they don’t have to if they don’t want. I don’t understand that myself. And I don’t understand what’s going on tonight either. I guess we will just do what He wants us to do, knowing that it pleases our King.” Shina nodded in agreement.

They went to their places and when they heard the trumpet, they followed the Angel of the Lord and the other angels through the portal to enter the skies above Bethlehem.

It was a dark night. There were millions of stars out but one particular star outshone the others. Below the star were hundreds of other angels, in place, waiting for the final command.

“Look, Jeniper!” Shina exclaimed, pointing to Earth as they approached it in angel speed. “There’s a family down there. And there’s a baby! ”

“I see. Oh, I wish I could understand these humans.”

As the final command was given, immediately Heavenly hosts filled the skies while countless angels proclaimed the good news of God’s love to mankind. Their angelic voices filled the universe, yet only a few heard their words.

Jeniper and Shina stood in amazement that night. Amazed that God loved humans so much to send His Son into their midst as one of them! Amazed that Shepherds led their flocks to His manger and worshipped their King. Amazed that wise men from far away also came and brought gifts in reverence.

The skies filled with God’s Glory as the angelic hosts gave glory to God, proclaiming God’s good news to mankind.

“I still don’t understand it all,” Shina told Jeniper. “But I sense something greater than we’ve ever seen is transpiring today.”

Jeniper smiled and nodded. “Me, too. If I could understand as these humans do, I’m sure I would want to know God. He’s wonderful!”

“Yes, me, too!” Shina replied doing her angel dance. “But I’m glad as angels we can share such exciting news with the world!”

Shina and Jeniper held hands as they flew closer proclaiming God’s love, His grace for man. There was such a presence of God in their midst they just about forget they weren’t in Heaven. Yet, all of Heaven at that moment was rejoicing in song and praise and worship.

Shina and Jeniper joined the other angels is bringing the best news the world ever heard on the first Christmas Day.