Just A Thought – March 1, 2021
March 1, 2021
Just A Thought – March 2, 2021
March 2, 2021

Wedding Day And A Wedding Train

It was a glorious day…a glorious day for a wedding. At least that’s what our parents told us. My cousin, Tommy, and I were to be the official Ring Bearer and Flower Girl for our cousin’s wedding. We practiced how we were to walk down the aisle before the Bride entered the sanctuary and then after they were pronounced man and wife.

Since we were young (4 and 5 years old respectfully), our parents wanted to make sure we followed the rules so the wedding would be perfect. Tommy and I followed the instructions we were given. We could do this. Since our cousin had a very long train on her wedding dress, we were told not to step on the train when we followed her out of the sanctuary at the conclusion of the wedding.

The wedding was wonderful. We walked down in front of the Bride, Tommy holding the pillow with the rings on it, and me tossing out flower petals. We stood in our designated place during the ceremony, not wiggling around at all. When the minister pronounced them ‘Man and Wife’, the girls in the wedding party straightened my cousin’s train before they walked down the aisle to exit.

Tommy and I followed at a distance just like we practiced. I believe the scripture “laughter doeth good like medicine” certainly applied to our exit because halfway down the long church aisle, Tommy blurted out for everyone to hear, “Be careful and don’t step on the choo-choo train”.

I actually think our cousin loved his comment, and everyone else got a good chuckle from Tommy’s advice.

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