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May 25, 2021
Just A Thought – May 26, 2021
May 26, 2021

What’s Your Anchor?



I caught a thought from yes, social media, the other day; actually from an encouraging word from a pastor. The thought stirred my mind wondering how much many of us are caught and dragged along by an anchor. You might say, ‘well, that’s not me’, but think about it for a minute (or two). Anchors as designed hold a boat, ship, or anything else in place. Especially for ships/boats, it’s important to be anchored at various times. Otherwise you’ll be swept away by the current and get totally off track. Yet, an anchor can keep you in place, never able to go beyond where you are. So, there’s both something good about anchors and potentially dangerous about anchors.

At times it seems the world, social media around us included, is caught and being dragged along by an anchor. Unfortunately the anchor is most often against principles we live by and believe as Christians. The danger is being dragged along by the current of the news, the world, or social media is we can forget we are to be anchored in God’s Word. Therein is our stability during unstable times.

Check and see where your anchor is. Are you accepting everything you hear/read in the news, on TV? Or are you filtering everything through the promises of God’s Word? Even how we feel about one another, no matter the race or background can be blemished if we flow with the world’s opinion.

The anchor we need to come back to each day in our thoughts, our heart, and our actions is the Word of God. God’s promises are true for us. He lives in us. Let’s be free from any distraction, worry, and anxiety from the world and receive what Jesus has provided for us.

Let’s renew our thinking of how God sees us and others. Let’s change our thinking about God. Let’s be anchored in Jesus and His unchanging Word and promises.

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