Just A Thought – May 4, 2021
May 4, 2021
Just A Thought – May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021

Where’s Your Confidence?

Throughout our lives we can have times we feel less confident than other times, but as a child of God, we have a ready-available supply of strength, joy, faith, and confidence whenever we are in need.

Hebrews 10:35 KJV admonishes us: “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.” Don’t throw your confidence away. Don’t throw your faith away because situations aren’t good, and you think it’s hopeless.

Yet, that’s what we do many times. We lose our hold on our faith in God’s faithfulness. We think He won’t come through for us because we don’t see anything changing. We think He’s trying us. We think He’s against us. To each of these, I say an emphatic NO. God doesn’t try us. He’s there with Jesus, encouraging us onward. He is never against us, but for us.

If we go down the path of not trusting Him, we weaken our faith in Him. We’re the ones who are losing our confidence. We’re thinking the worst. What’s the solution?

Get out of the mulleygrubs and quite blaming God. Start feeding your faith with His Word. His promises are ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ – always. There will never be anyone who is more for you than the Lord.

You don’t have to cast away your confidence because things are tough right now. You don’t have to sit and boo-hoo your situation. Take your stand in His love and goodness to you. See the future as bright, the opportunities endless.

Change your perspective and you’ll gain greater confidence in God’s faithfulness. Don’t cast away, or throw away, your confidence, your trust in God. Don’t give up. He’s always there for you!

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