Just A Thought – July 13, 2021
July 13, 2021
Just A Thought – July 14, 2021
July 14, 2021

What’s Your Posture Devotion

Growing up I was always told to ‘sit up straight’ when at the dining room table. Can anyone else relate? Yes, good posture is important for us, and especially as we get older, although I recall being irritated when I’d hear the reminder by my parents or grandparents, especially when I thought I was sitting up straight.

That recollection came to my mind when I heard a pastor ask “what is your posture? Are you always looking down, or are you looking up?” I had a picture in my mind of someone so haggard from life, their shoulders slumped, their breathing labored, and their countenance in a down posture. What’s wrong with that picture I asked myself. Of course the answer was their posture wasn’t good, they needed to ‘sit/stand up straight’.

There are spiritual similarities to this. If we allow everything around us in the world, on the news, and from family/friends to have us bound up in only seeing the negative, it will cause us to look down—on ourselves, our world, our God. That’s when people lose hope because they see nothing to bring them up out of the atmosphere of negativity.

Let’s not let the pressures and situations in the world cause us to be looking down, on ourselves, others, or where we are at the moment. Let’s not internalize situations to the point we see no hope and only feel worse.  

Let’s lift up our eyes and follow King David’s advice in Psalm 121 to lift up our eyes and look to the Lord for His help because He will always be there for us. Let God’s Word encourage and strengthen you. Your posture will definitely improve as you do.

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