Just A Thought – December 1, 2021
December 1, 2021
Reshaped and Remade Devotion
December 1, 2021

Bells And Whistles


I thought about 3 words the other day that brought visions of my childhood to mind…and of my Dad…especially during this time of year.

Usually the phrase ‘bells and whistles’ refer to pulling out all the stops for an event. But for me these 3 specific words have a different meaning and bring back fond memories.

When I was quite young, I believed in Santa. It was Christmas Eve and my Mom told me I’d better get to sleep so Santa would come. I was snuggled in bed while she tucked me in and that’s when I heard bells – jingle bells! Oh no I thought. He’s here! I’ve got to be asleep. I quickly closed my eyes. Of course, years later I found out my Dad had been outside my bedroom window shaking jingling bells!

Whistles was another reminder of my father. I didn’t have any brothers or sisters, but our neighborhood block provided many childhood playmates. The family rule was when I was at a friend’s house down the street if I heard my Dad’s shrill whistle, I was to get home right then.

While playing with my friend, Pam, four houses down on the other side of the street, I heard the whistle! I immediately ran home but found out my Dad hadn’t whistled, and I could play longer, so I went back. After awhile I heard the whistle again so I ran back home. That’s when I found out my pet parakeet, Happy Boy, had imitated my Dad’s whistle. We all laughed about that.

So you see, sometimes all you need are a few words to take you back down memory lane, and especially during this month I’m reminded of my Dad. I hope during this time of year you’ll enjoy going down your own Memory Lane.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Blessed New Year.

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