Just A Thought – December 8, 2021
December 8, 2021
Just A Thought – December 9, 2021
December 9, 2021

What’s Your Inside Voice Devotion

I’m sure as a child you remember being told “use your inside voice”, especially if you were with your parents in a meeting or at church. Your inside voice was to be quieter. When you were older, of course you knew when to speak softly.

I think some of that teaching instilled in us carries over in our spiritual lives. We tend to let the louder, outside voices influence our inner voice, so we pull back and don’t speak the truth that is in our hearts. We’re using our inside voice, but should we?

Your inside voice is God’s voice. It is God’s Word. It is what has been stored in your heart. It is what you believe. So, what is your inside voice saying?

In our society today, it seems the more you speak of your Christian faith, the more the outside voices come against you. Yet, the world is searching for purpose in their life, and bringing the outside in doesn’t satisfy. You and I are to be salt and light to the world. By using our inside voices to hope and God’s love, we can be the salt and light to those we meet.

It’s time to allow our inside voices to be heard by others. It’s time for us to speak our faith. That faith is in our hearts. If we’re unsure of the strength of our inside voice, then we need to fill our hearts with God’s Word and His Love. That’s the inside voice we need to share with the world – God’s love. Yes, it’s what the world needs now – Love –God’s Love. And what better time than this month when we focus on God’s gift to us – Jesus!

Let’s share the good news of God’s love!

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