Just A Thought
July 3, 2023
There’s HOPE Ahead
July 5, 2023


His tall lanky frame was visible above the crowd of people at the 4th of July Parade. The young man stood straight and proud, his baseball cap slightly lowered on his forehead, concealing his clear blue eyes. Float participants walked along the sidewalks, distributing small American flags to those who wanted them as floats went by. The young man watched as a little girl came over and held a flag up to him. He smiled and bent down, kneeling on one knee to take the flag. As she placed it in his hand, she noticed the medals on his shirt. Her fingers reached out to touch them, and as she did, his hand covered hers over his chest. “I got them for you,” he told her. She smiled as he rose to his feet. The marching bands approached as the country’s anthem was played. While others whopped and hollered, he stood at attention holding the flag at his left side with his right hand in salute position. He stood like that longer than anyone else. No one noticed the tears that fell from his eyes except the little girl who gave him the flag. The bands passed by followed by veterans of other wars. He hadn’t noticed the little girl standing next to him until he felt her hand grasp his. He glanced down as she looked up at him and smiled, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Thank you!” she said. He nodded as he lifted her up, and together they saluted others who had given their lives for what they enjoyed at that moment.


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