July 4, 2023
Just A Thought
July 7, 2023

There’s HOPE Ahead

There are several powerful verses in Jeremiah 3:16-17 NASB. I trust you’ll let the Word give you strength for whatever you face.

(16) This is what the LORD says: “Restrain your voice from weeping And your eyes from tears; For your work will be rewarded,” declares the LORD, “And they will return from the land of the enemy. (17) “There is hope for your future,” declares the LORD, “And your children will return to their own territory.”

THERE IS HOPE AHEAD! That’s the word the Lord gave his prophet, Jeremiah, to share with God’s people. Regardless of being scattered, of families split apart, of children going elsewhere, of being in the land of the enemy, Lord wanted Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, to share His heart and tell the people not to continue weeping because hope was ahead.

These verses were especially vital and strong to me many years ago when we faced a family situation. When I found this scripture, I had hope. It was God’s promise to me that my family, who was in a dangerous situation, would again come back home to safety and God’s protection.

I declared these verses day in and day out and God was faithful, as always. He delivered our family member and there was much rejoicing. I share this because you may have a situation in your family or someone you know and you’re praying for them to return to the Lord. Don’t give up. Declare God’s Word over them, and stand in faith, believing for the end result. Declare God’s Word over your own life also. He is faithful to perform His Word.

There is HOPE AHEAD  —  HOPE FOR YOUR FUTURE — the Lord declares it to you and for you.

Let your hope and trust in God’s goodness and love grow as you proclaim His HOPE.

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