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July 31, 2023
Just A Thought
August 4, 2023

Draw From Jesus

Too many times we try to figure things out for ourselves or do things ourselves only to come up short and most likely frustrated. Have you been there? It’s common to all of us, yet there’s a resource I dare say we all haven’t accessed that much. We know as believers, when we have a need to go to Jesus, and that’s right. Yet, when things continue to bombard us or our emotions get in the way and dictate how we think and feel and even talk, we can draw back and not receive what we need.

I recall reading a devotional thought several months ago that spoke to this issue and I was reminded how many times I don’t draw from Jesus what I need. Is it because we don’t feel the Lord is interested in everything that affects us, or that we shouldn’t ask Him for certain things? I’m not sure, but I do know He has everything we could ever need, and His supply doesn’t run out—ever! He’s always available, and there isn’t anything too hard for our Lord.

Recall in John 4:4-13, Jesus stopped by a well and met a Samaritan woman. Back in that time it was unlawful for a Samaritan to talk to a Jew, but Jesus didn’t care. He knew her. He knew all about her, and He wanted to offer all that He had to her. Verse 4 says “He must needs go through Samaria” (KJV). He knew He’d meet this woman, and He wanted to give her true living water.  So, at the well while she was drawing water, He asks for a drink of water, knowing she was an outcast. He didn’t see her that way. He saw her as a woman needing redemption and grace.

Jesus tells her to take the water He offers. In other words, instead of drawing from the well of guilt and shame, being unloved and forgotten, of being cast off, He offers Her life, restoration, peace, grace, forgiveness, hope. She left that well a changed woman because she drew from Jesus for her needs.

What is it that you need today? Peace? Grace? Restoration? Forgiveness? Something else? Your Source stands by to fill you with His peace, grace, forgiveness, restoration, and HOPE.


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