Just A Thought
August 28, 2023
Just A Thought
September 1, 2023

Hope When Under Attack

No matter where you live or what you do, you can experience spiritual attacks. Perhaps to the nominal believer, they think their problems with any depression or anxiety are because of how others treat them. Fear builds a wall around depressive thoughts and keeps a person in virtual turmoil. It doesn’t need to stay this way. As believers in God’s fullness in our lives because of Jesus, there’s HOPE. This hope is what we can share with others who experience similar problems.

The enemy likes to attack our mind, dropping in ideas of questioning your salvation, living in fear because of what religion has put on you, and even experiencing depression because you don’t feel you’re living up to being a ‘good’ Christian, or you’re not doing enough to proof how much you love God.

I propose it’s time for a change of thinking especially if you’ve dealt with any of these things before or are experiencing them at the moment. Change your thinking by realizing you have the helmet of salvation on your head. Read and meditate on Ephesians 6:16-18. Recognize the Greek word for salvation is soteria includes eternal life and deliverance (from enemies, depression, fears, all evils), as well as preservation, safety, and health, restoration, and salvation. That’s what you have as a child of God.

So, how do you incorporate soteria into your life? By change your thinking and meditating on the Word, and letting His soteria insulate your mind against further lies of the enemy. Believe what God says about you, what He’s already provided for you, and don’t listen to anything else.

When you know the lies of the enemy, you can counter with the Word and your right-standing through Jesus. You have more power than you may realize. And, you have greater evidence of hope as you walk in the power God’s provisions. You’re not meant to stay under any attack, but through His power, love, and grace, use the tools He’s provided.

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