Just A Thought
September 11, 2023
Just A Thought
September 15, 2023

Don’t Limit Your Spiritual Eyesight

If you’ve had difficulty seeing with your natural eyes, you’ve probably needed glasses or contacts. I was in my 40’s when I recognized I needed glasses. Shopping at the grocery store was difficult because I had to squint at the food signs down grocery aisles. That changes when I had an eye exam and got glasses. Then when I went shopping, I could SEE the food signs down each grocery aisle. I was thrilled. It was like a new world was opened to me. Perhaps you’ve been there.

The same thing can happen to our spiritual eyesight, so we must be aware. I’ve seen believers who stay determined to only see what they want to see from the Word and in their spiritual walk. Sometimes it’s reminded me of the 2 tribes who failed to enter the promised land while the 10 tribes followed Joshua’s command from God to enter His promised land.

Limiting our spiritual eyesight is missing out on God’s blessings. Limiting our spiritual eyesight is refusing to see the fullness of what God has provided. It’s like having all the puzzle pieces but one. The total picture is missing the important part.

I think that’s why Paul told the Ephesians 3:18 to make sure the eyes of their hearts were open so they could receive the revelation of God’s fullness, His hope, His blessings for them. I’m sure there were some who were like the 2 tribes. They felt they knew enough, they weren’t going in for this grace stuff. They were sticking to scriptures only in red. Those were/are good, but God fulfilled everything through Christ’s death and resurrection so we can walk daily in His manifold blessings of hope, grace, love, and everything else we need through His provision.

Let’s not be so near-sighted that we miss everything God has already given us. It’s time to open our eyes, our hearts to what Jesus has provided through God’s immense love for us.

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