31 Day Grace & Faith Journey Excerpt

31 Day Grace & Faith Journey



A recent TV commercial for a college program says, “To explore the possibilities.” We’ve set the stage for you today, whether you begin this study today, tomorrow, or in a new year yet to come. We call the possible into reality in your life. Recognize the need for a renewed process of thinking from the basics of your spiritual walk. Why? Because you won’t see or experience God’s good around every corner if you haven’t renewed your mind in God possibilities. Keep your heart and mind open so you can see all God has for you. Each study lesson follows a consistent outline making it easy to follow. I introduce the subject at the beginning of each lesson. I have divided the study material roughly into steps much as our walk through life. These aren’t steps as in doing a formula, but steps on a walk—a journey. Our grace journey begins with one little step at a time. We stride through each study as we grow in grace and knowledge. Our journey is to discover who we are from who God says we are. What we learn we are to share.