Daily Devotions for Daily Living Vol 1 Excerpt

Daily Devotions for Daily Living Vol 1 Excerpt


Oh Happy Day

Psalm 118:24 “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

This is your day. How can you be sure? Verse 24 of Psalm 118 says so. God created this day for you. The Lord didn’t make it as a random act of chance. Today is a special day designed by the Creator of heaven and earth. This very day is the day the Lord set aside for this particular date. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is only a hope. You have today to accomplish the purposes God designed for you to accomplish today.

Maybe you didn’t wake up with a great attitude about this day. Perhaps you were down on life, saying things like, “same old things—different day.” However, it started, God made this day for you.

That thought alone should generate a positive response. In fact, the psalmist said you should rejoice and be glad. The word rejoice, means to spin around excitedly. You should be so joyful you can’t sit still for the fact that this is your day.

Not only should you rejoice, but also you should be glad in the day. All day long, you can be glad. Let the corners of your mouth curl up into a smile and walk with a cheerful disposition. Nothing can get in your way today because the Lord made this day for you.

There are no “what ifs.” The verse does not say, “If all things are going excellently then rejoice and be glad.” Rejoice and be glad because creation waited for this very day. This is the day.