May 3, 2023

Let’s Share HOPE

It’s Springtime and the flowers are definitely in bloom! Those beautiful bouquets of color required lots of water to encourage and enhance their growth and display their beauty around us. Flowers as well as other plants all need water. People need water as I’m sure […]
April 26, 2023

Encouragement And Hope From Scripture

All of scripture is encouraging when you see it through the lens of the finished work of Jesus. What the Old Testament spoke of was in shadows yet to be fulfilled. The Gospels present the story of Jesus as He lived under the direction of […]
April 19, 2023

Let’s Hold Tightly

There may have been times when you had difficulty not wavering in your hope of God answering your prayer or fulfilling His promises to you. I think it’s a condition common to all believers. Yet we know from scripture we are encouraged to hold onto […]
April 12, 2023

Determination Of Hope

Determination is what King David exemplified both in his writings (the Psalms) and in his daily life. He relied on this determination, of his faith in God, to take him through some tough times. He overcame the obstacles and was further determined—in his resolve of […]