Our Pot-Pourri of Short Stories


Ideas for stories are everywhere. At least we’ve found that to be true in our experience. Whether we’re hiking in the mountains, walking along the beach, driving through interesting towns, or just contemplating the days’ activities, stories and plots seep into our thinking. We’ve cultivated some of those and share them with you. If you like humorous stories, you’ll find quite a few of them in this book. If you like mysteries, you’ll be drawn to those we share. For those who enjoy the emotional, heart-warming stories, you’ll find many and some with historical poignancy. We’ve even got some stories for the younger generation but adults will enjoy them as well. There are some stories that will also inspire you. From the who-done-it, to the comical, to the inspirational, to the serious mysterious, you’ll find stories that take you places you wouldn’t go on your own, meet people you wouldn’t otherwise encounter, and experience various scenarios with unique characters that couldn’t happen other than from the pages of this book. We invite you to sit back and enjoy these adventures with us..