Our primary outreach is to offer Bible study courses to prisoners incarcerated in our prison system. Salt Mine Ministries started over 30 years ago in Southern California when the Lord began to teach us what it meant to be the “salt of the earth.”

It began when we offered a Daily Bible Study guide. A prisoner wrote in asking for the guide and wanted to know if we had any courses to offer. Sensing the Lord was at work we began to write the courses.

Over the past 30 years, we have shared with believers across the country what it means to be salt and have encouraged them to develop a consistent, daily study of God’s Word. The ministry outreach has gone to prisoners across the United States. The prison outreach ministry continues through Jubilee Christian Center – a Georgia Non-profit Corporation – and now through JubileeOnlineChurch as well.

The courses cover every book of the Bible as well as a foundational course, which everyone must complete. In addition, we have a course on Spiritual Warfare and have just added one on Faith, Hope, and Love. We have other courses in process as well. The courses are written without any commentary, Theological, or denominational teaching. We leave it up to the Holy Spirit to do the teaching. The courses consist of true and false, multiple choice, and fill-in questions taken directly from scripture.

It takes about 1 year to complete the Bible Growth Series. Each year we continue to have graduates who persevered and completed all courses of study.

We wrote the courses for anyone to take. However, we supply the courses free of charge to Prisoners. We pay the postage to send them and postage for them to send them back for grading. When they have completed the course and it is graded, we send it back as well as the next course for them to work on. It does mean a large investment in the lives of people who otherwise could not afford them.

We get comments regularily thanking us for the courses. “Thank you , Father God, for these studies. They bless me through and through.”  Allen, Ala.  “Trusting in the Lord, Omighty God through Jesus my Lord, always – thank you.”  Kendall – Ala.  “God bless you for helping me to further understand God’s Word. Everytime I study it, I see something I haven’t seen before. Elbert – Ala

Growth Guides

If you would like to sponsor a prisoner, your help would be appreciated. It takes approximately $100 to take a prisoner through the whole Bible course. Or if you want to sponsor a lesson at $5 each, your donation will be put 100% toward that use. Besides PayPal you can send cash or checks to Jubilee Christian Center, PO Box 1258, Woodstock, Ga 30188