Understanding Old and New Covenants Excerpt

Understanding Old and New Covenants



The fascinating thing is this entire Psalm focuses on the Word of God, also referred to as the Law, testimonies, commandments, statutes, and precepts. Through this study you will see what the Word of God is, you’ll learn what the Word of God does for you, how you can walk in the light of the Word, and the benefits and blessings of knowing the Word. We’ll also tie in New Testament verses as we study Psalm 119 because Jesus was the Word manifested to us (John 1:1). The more you learn and know God’s Word, the more you’ll know who Jesus is in your life. You’ll be blessed—happy, to be envied—as you walk in the Word of God. God’s Word is His power, the expressed picture of who He is, and all He has for you. We have divided each stanza in Psalm 119 into a chapter study. We provided the scripture from the ESV version but we recommend reading directly from your favorite Bible also.